Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Annals

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Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Annals: Apr 2017, 8 (2), 5 articles.
Research Article
Behshid Ghadrdoost, Hooman Bakhshandeh, Mohsen Ziyaeifard, Rasoul Farasatkish, Tooraj Babaei, Ali Sadeghpour Tabaei, Zahra Faritous, Alireza Azad, Seyed Mostafa Alavi
In clinical area, assessment of body fluid and determination of the intravascular volume after major surgeries such as heart surgery is a significant challenge. The initial purpose of intravascular volume assessment in patients with hemodynamic instability is to determine whether they would benefit from fluid administration or ... read more
Brief Report
Stefan Peters
Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy is electrocardiographically characterized by right precordial T-wave inversions and epsilon waves as major criteria. Additionally, terminal activation delay of 55 ms or more serves as a minor criterion. Although ther are more and more evident pathological data of right ventricles without dilatation or aneurysm, typical ... read more
Review Article
Mahdi Daliri, Mona Yadollahi, Amir Nasser Jadbabaei
Heart failure is a leading cause of death around the world. Heart transplantation is the only reliable therapy for improving functional capacity, quality of life, life expectancy, and limiting the options for heart failure patients. In fact, a large number of patients with severe heart failure in ... read more
Case Report
Manuchehr Hekmat, Sima Rafieyian, Shahla Roodpeyma
Fontan/Krutzer (F/K) palliation is a surgical option that can be offered to patients with single ventricle. The outcome of F/K procedure is affected by several factors including: patient, procedure, management, and gradual increase in right-sided venous pressure. By the pass of time right ventricular failure deteriorate the ... read more
Case Report
Kambiz Mozaffari, Maryam Moradian, Bahador Baharestani, Hojjat Mortezaeian, Hooman Bakhshandeh
Heart tumors in children are very rare, however in case of presence, they may cause significant morbidity.We present a nine-month-old female infant who was admitted to the emergency ward due to severe tachypnea. Echocardiography showed a huge echogenic mass in the right atrium occupying almost half of ... read more